Volume_ 1100 litre
Height_ 1330 mm
Width_ 1100 mm
Long_ 1370 mm

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1100-LITRE CONTAINER manufactured by moulding through injection of high-density polyethylene (HDPE), guaranteed and certified material.

The body has a reinforcing bar (elastic ribbing) under the lip that provides better resistance, leaving a space for the housing of a localiser microchip.
It has 4 handles for moving and transporting it: 2 handles on each side.
Front ribs (V-shape design) and side ribs that increase resistance. Good stability in emptying the container

Folding lid in the back part has two additional handles, one on each side of the lid. Central projection as a handle for its opening. Resistant to wind and weather.

Version of the container with 2 wheels with brakes in the front part and 2 wheels without brakes in the back part of the container.
Solid rubber wheels with a diameter of Ø200 mm.
Ribs in the area of the feet are additionally reinforced.

Easy to eliminate dirt due to the shape of the bottom of the body.

Optional list of accessories to place in the container. (accessory section)

ADR availability for transport of hazardous goods by road.

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Verde JCO, Amarillo JCO, Azul JCO, Marrón 8025, Gris 7016, Gris 7037, Gris 7040


Verde JCO, Amarillo JCO, Azul JCO, Marrón 8025, Gris 7016, Gris 7037, Gris 7040

Technical characteristics

Standard characteristics

Spring-type elastic ribbing

Housing for chip

Front wheel brake

Reinforced ribs in the area of the wheels

Handles of the container and lifting device handle

Resistance ribs



JCO lock with triangular key

Gravity lock

AGA lock

Electronic lock

Pedal opening

Reflecting bands

Anti-noise kit

Side handles

Lever for universal accessibility

Shock absorber for pedal

Mail slot opening

Opening without pleat for containers

Opening with pleat for containers

Opening for universal accessibility




Hot stamping

Marked in relief

Marked with EIDOS

Plate in braille