Jcoplastic was founded in the year 1963, occupying a vanguard position in the production of plastic containers.

Jcoplastic, situated in the centre of a principally agricultural area, entered the market with plastic boxes and containers for transport and preservation of food products.

The success and fame achieved led the company to broaden its programs and projects, always towards innovating the product and diversifying the production.

Therefore we began to use pallets or box-type pallets manufactured by the company itself for transporting and moving goods.

In 1978 it began the production of containers for collecting municipal solid waste and for selective collection.

Jcoplastic was introduced authoritatively onto the European market because of the quality, reliability, competitiveness and technological solutions, opening the way to international markets.

The objective difficulties of transporting very light and voluminous containers has led Jcoplastic to establish joint-venture agreements (joint projects) in many foreign countries, supplying technology and assistance in situ.

The first location of Jcoplastic España was in Barcelona where it worked as a sales office for the central headquarters of Jcoplastic Spa (Italy). In 1998, it went on to manufacture its own products, being installed in Fuentes de Ebro (Zaragoza), with the name Jcoplastic Ibérica 2000 S.L.

The global coverage of the Jcoplastic Group allows it to put its resources at the service of the customer and in this way always offer customers the most avant-garde solutions with knowledge based on long experience in the international framework.

All Jcoplastic Ibérica are manufactured in first melt high-density polyethylene (HDPE), fully respecting the required hygiene measures.

The use of recyclable raw materials and the constant research and updating work in technological resources have allowed Jcoplastic to obtain the UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015, UNE-EN ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 certifications, as well as the GS quality certificate, in accordance with the international standards in hygiene, functionality, safety and features of the product.

Thanks to its wide range of products, Jcoplastic Ibérica is the ideal partner for companies and public entities that operate in the sectors of ecology, industry and agriculture, offering products capable of satisfying the needs presented by the collection of urban waste, as well as the handling, storage and transport demanded by these sectors.

Currently, the Jcoplastic Group is in the global market with three factories in Italy, another four in Europe: Spain, Austria, Greece, Romania and Turkey, and with numerous affiliates and commercial partners in France, Eastern Europe, Arab Emirates, North Africa and in North and South America.