Volume_ 50 litre
Height_ 650 mm
Width_ 263 mm
Long_ 440 mm

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50-LITRE LITTER BIN manufactured by moulding through injection of high-density polyethylene (HDPE), guaranteed and certified material.

Body with handle to facilitate the emptying option.
The metallic support has a double hook, which permits the opening of the lid and the unhooking of the litter bin.
The lid has a lock located under the front border. It is for opening with a unified triangular female key.

It has two fastening systems to affix it to a post/street light/wall.

Optionally the litter bin has a metallic plate for extinguishing cigarettes and a galvanised steel post as fastening method.

The litter bin has a version for collecting batteries.


Additional information


Verde JCO, Amarillo JCO, Azul JCO, Marrón 8025, Gris 7037, Gris 7040, Negro, Naranja


Verde JCO, Gris 7037, Gris 7040, Negro

Technical characteristics

Standard characteristics

Fastening strap and buckle

Lock with triangular key


With post

Fastener to post

Metallic plate for extinguishing cigarettes

Opening for batteries



Hot stamping

Marked in relief

Marked with EIDOS

Plate in braille