Volume_ 525 litre
Height_ 800 mm
Width_ 800 mm
Long_ 1200 mm

The image is a simulation. The colour tones selected might not be those of the actual product.


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CTH2 H800 manufactured by moulding through injection of high-density polyethylene (HDPE), guaranteed and certified material.
Impact-proof crate, with high durability for the industrial environment. It is ideal for storage of food, raw materials or any type of product.

Safety closed crate since it has smooth interior sides and bottom. In this way, cleaning is much faster and easier. The crate is available in one version: 4 feet.

The crate is available in 3 versions: 4 feet, 4 wheels and 3 crossbars.
They also have a lid to protect and ensure the product. In addition to avoiding the entry of water or any substance.

Stackable with or without lid.


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Gris 7040, Azul JCO, Verde JCO, Verde 6018, Marrón 8011, Amarillo JCO, Naranja 2004, Rojo 3001