With the new collection product Colombo , we measure the volume and manage the waste collection data.
It works with APP COLOMBO by means of bluetooth. This APP will show the state of the container: available, nearly full or full.
The entire product is manufactured with High-density polyethylene (HDPE)

  • A product that guarantees hygiene; there will be no contact with the roadway container.
  • A light integrated in the lid
  • It does not require maintenance

If the handle is in the vertical position, the lid is closed.
If the handle is in the horizontal position, the lid is open.
If the handle is in the low position, the lid is closed.

Lateral handle to manage it more comfortably.
Internal handle in the lower part of the bin facilitates lifting.

The electronic device the container has incorporated recognises the microchip inserted in the domestic container and authorises the transfer.
The electronic device is fed by a long-life battery of more than 12 months.

Pull down on the handle to unblock the lid and push the domestic container so that it proceeds to emptying automatically by gravity.

The APP COLOMBO records the transfer of the movement and updates the data.


June 2020


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